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Fitness Classes 

See The Silver Thread for schedules, fees and other information.

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Open Fitness Center: 
Open daily
M-F 8:00- 4:00pm except M-W-F from 8:30-9:30a. Instructor is available M
& W from 9:30-11am and T & Th 9-11am to assist those wanting to learn how to use our equipment properly.  Come for as long or as short as you want! The Open Fitness Center includes a circuit of stations that provide opportunities for a full body workout, that improves strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular endurance. Fee: $5/month for member  & $10/month for nonmembers – monthly card is purchased at the Center office.

Chair Yoga:  This class for seniors is a gentle yoga class done sitting in a chair and standing. Yoga principles, movements, and poses are practiced so that one will be steadier on their feet, stronger, more flexible, more focused, and able to breath more fully.

Circuit Class: This 60-minute circuit class is designed for all levels of fitness. You will be constantly moving from station to station working your cardiovascular systems as well as increasing your strength. Class is lead by an instructor in a fun & lively environment with music. (see “Punch Card Fees”  below)

Get Fit: Join the fun as we limber, strengthen, and tone our bodies.  Class is lead by volunteers and includes full-body stretches, strengthening exercises using lightweights, elastic tubing, or simply your own body, and a variety of movements and activities to increase heart rate. The program is self-paced and therefore appropriate for all abilities and limitations (portions of class are spent sitting in a chair).  We have a great time; join us!

Move Your Body:  If you’ve been told that all exercise is hard work and NO FUN then you haven’t tried Move Your Body. You can work at your own level.  Jazzercise instructors are trained to show low intensity, as well as high intensity, levels.  This class provides fresh moves, new music, and pure motivation!
Day:  Tuesdays & Thursdays  10:30-11:30, Wednesdays at 8:30am
Fee;  Punch Card  $10/five punches memberor $12.50/five punches non member
First class is free.  Walk in welcome, pay instructor $2.00 m or $2.50nm
Description:  Movement with music.  Therapy for the body, mind, and soul.  Work at your own pace, medications shown.  Keep movement in your life!  Do it for You!

Pilates (pronounced “pa-lah-tees”):  Pilates is an exercise technique devised by Joseph Pilates over 80 years ago.  The method takes a holistic approach aiming to rebalance the whole body, so that over time, there are subtle changes in the way one sits, stands, and walks.  The exercises have a strong focus on the abdominal muscles, which ensures that the spine is properly supported.  Pilates increases awareness of all muscle groups, relieving the strain on those that are often overused. Please note: class needs a minimum of 9 students to hold each 6 week  session. Participants will be using mats on the floor for this class and is limited to 15 participants.

Reflexology 2012: 1st and 3rd Mondays at 10-12:15pm , schedule appts at 10, 10:45, 11:30am and 12:15pm
Leader Name: Joyce Sobotta
Fee: Member: $25; Non-Member: $28
Reflexology is  accupressure applied to the feet and/or hands in a gentle manner-a great relaxation tool.  Half hour sessions.

Silver Striders Walking Club:  Walking is so beneficial for Seniors health!  Meet us at the Center for a quick warm up before walking the beautiful trails around the town.  This program runs from May to September depending on the weather.

Strength Class:  This class uses dumbbells, barbells and your own body weight as resistance to get stronger and fit. (see “Punch Card Fees”  below)

Strong Women Program: This program meets 2 times/week for 8 weeks and is an opportunity for women and men to stay strong and vital during older adulthood by participating in regular strengthening exercise.  This physical activity helps prevent osteoporosis and frailty by stimulating the growth of muscle and bone.  Feeling physically strong also promotes mental and emotional health.

Tai Chi:  In Tai Chi, the body is moved gently and slowly through a combination of smooth, graceful movements.  In China, this ancient activity is as much an art form as it is a form of exercise.  Tai Chi has been found to reduce stress, increase circulation, improve balance, and breathing.  Experts say it also provides resistance to disease, provides energy, and enhances the function of internal organs.


Punch Card Fees:  Circuit, Strength, Morning Blast classes require a punch card which is purchased at the Center’s office.  Fees are $10 for a 5-punch card / $25 for a 10-punch card.  Non member fee is $15 for a 5-punch card / $37.50 for a 10-punch card. Punch cards do not expire.

Open Fitness Center:  $5/month/member $10/month/non-member.  Open Fitness cards can be purchased in the Office.Each person using the Fitness Center is required to fill out the Health and Informed Consent forms before participating.  Forms are available in the Office.

All new participants wanting to use the Fitness Center are required to meet with Mary Mero.  She is available Monday thru Thurs from 9:30-11a.m.  Please come no later than 10am for an orientation to the Fitness Center.

Persons using the OPEN FITNESS CENTER will be REQUIRED to sign in and out at the office desk before and after exercising.

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