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Social & Recreational
See The Silver Thread for schedules, fees and other information.

If you are interested in Beginning or Intermediate Bridge Lessons, please call Center and place your name on the Wish/Waiting list for either of these classes.

500 Cards

Skilled players welcome to join.  500 classes are available at the Center.

Birthday Celebrations

Are held on the first Wednesday of each month in honor of those celebrating a birthday in that month.  All are welcome.


Skilled players welcome to join. Lessons available- see class schedule.


Bunco is a popular dice game that is very easy to learn & fun to play. 

Cards/Games Sunday

One Sunday per month the Center is opened for cards and games.  The persons attending choose the games to be played.


Skilled players welcome to join.

Duplicate Bridge

This group is associated with the ACBL (American Contact Bridge League). In Duplicate Bridge, the players compete against each other for each hand played. Each player’s scores are then compared to the other players’ scores. At the end of each card day, everyone has a rank of their score, which then earns master points accumulated at the end of the year.  Skilled players welcome to join.


Euchre is a popular card game played with trump suits using a right & left bower. This group plays for fun and they welcome new players.


The object is to score points by rolling combinations of dice, until one-player scores over the “game” score. Players try to make 10,000 points to win the game.  When a player fails to make points following any roll of the dice, the rest of the players yell “Farkle” and the player loses points accumulated during his/her turn. Join in on the fun!

Forever Young Choir

If you enjoy singing and can carry a tune, join us as we sing melodies through the eras from the 30’s to the 60’s.  On occasion, we do take our voices out into the community!

Happy Hookers

Crochet/Knitting Group  This group is for those who do beginning, advanced knitting and crocheting.  Anyone is welcome to bring their own projects and materials to work on.

Line Dancing & Social

Enjoy an evening of Line Dancing on the first Wednesday of the month from 6-9pm. (Will not meet in December through April--will return in May 2013) 


This is a type of rummy game played with tiles. The Chinese have played this game for a thousand years! It continually develops one’s thinking power!  Mah-Jong classes are available at the Center.

Marathon Bridge

Call office to add your name to the sub list.

Open Line Dancing

Join us for the old favorite dances along with some new ones to try out.  Line dancing is good for improving balance and stamina, as well as relieving stress.


The object of pinochle is to beat the bid winner by taking as many tricks as possible in each hand.  The team that scores 1,000 points first wins the game.  Pinochle is played with four players (two teams of two).  The entire deck of cards is dealt, and play rotates clockwise.  Skilled players are welcome to join.  Pinochle classes are available at the Center.

Recycled Card Making

Make new greeting cards from used cards.  The Center sells the recycled cards for 50 cents.


Experience the LE Phillips Senior Center in a more causal setting with lightly structured fun conversation.  This is an on-going social program for all.  Please join us!

RSVP Community Service

Handmade dolls, animals and doll blankets are made by this volunteer group and sent to the Emergency Rooms of the local hospitals.  These items are given to children having to use the hospital’s services.  The group often receive thank you notes from the children or their families.

Rubber Stamping

Novices and experienced stampers alike will find this to be a fun and learning class!  You will learn many specific stamping techniques and each week includes a “make and take” project. Great camaraderie and great ideas!


Skilled players are welcome.  Sheepshead classes are available at the Center.


All levels of players are welcome.

Table Pool

Both men & women can play table pool in the Center’s lower level.  Pool cues & supplies needed to play are provided; but, you may bring and use your own!

VIP Lunch

The Visually Impaired Persons support group gathers to enjoy Senior Dining.  Be sure to register at 839-4886 for the meal.  The group has special speakers and musicians, play games and/or attend Senior Center presentations.  Anyone experiencing visual impairments and/or assists a person with visual impairments is welcome.

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