Join us in Actively Aging!

Director’s note,

Dear Center Members,


At every stage of life, people are drawn to a community of peers for recreation, socialization, and support. Children have school and recreational activities such as swimming or dance. Young adults have “hangouts,” they may find Adults this in the workplace, community or civic organizations.

For older adults, many find a community of peers at a senior center. Senior centers have been around for decades, and were recognized by the Older Americans Act (OAA) as a community focal point. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), senior centers have become one of the most widely used resources among America’s older adults. Today, nearly 11,000 senior centers serve one million older adults every day.

The L.E. Phillips Senior Center is dedicated to enriching the lives of older adults, providing a place where they can find a community of peers to socialize, increase their knowledge, enhance their well-being, and support one another.

More than just activities, however, centers serve as a gateway to the “aging network,” connecting older adults to vital community services that help them stay healthy and independent. At a senior center, older adults and the community at large can access multiple services all in one place, including:

  • Information and assistance to help navigate services
  • Health, fitness, and wellness programs
  • Educational and enrichment classes
  • Social activities
  • Volunteer and civic engagement opportunities

Senior centers are dynamic organizations that offer this and more in a welcoming environment. Furthermore, a senior center’s broad menu of offerings can serve adults through the years as their needs and desires may shift throughout this stage of life.

Welcome to the L.E. Phillips Senior Center, we hope you enjoy your home away from home as much as we enjoy having you!

Thank-You, Mary Pica Anderson

Executive Director