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FREE—MUST Sign-up for Senior *Opportunities as soon as possible. Call the Office 715-839-4909. Programs are approximately an hour in length and are FREE of charge. Pre-registration is REQUIRED so we can inform the speaker of the number of persons attending. Presentation may be canceled if there is not sufficient interest, so please sign-up early. Seating is limited you must sign-up to secure a spot.



Opportunities offered for the month of  January:


*Brain Healthy Eating You are what you eat and what you eat affects your brain’s health. Discover delicious delicacies that will enhance your noodle and make you feel good, too!

Mon., Jan. 8 10am Presenter: Katie Fennell, Azura Memory Care


*ABC’s & D’s of Medicare The ABC’s & D’s of Medicare provides a foundational understanding of the four elements of Medicare; Part A-Hospital, Part B-Medical, Part C Medicare Advantage, and Part D-Prescription. Get information on initial enrollment & additional enrollment periods pertaining to Part C options.

Tues., Jan. 9 10am Presenter: Jeff Sauter, Mediqwest


*Standing Guard: Protect What You’ve Worked For Share strategies designed to help guard valuable assets and protect pre and post-retirement income. Discuss impact of longevity, withdrawal strategies, anticipating rising costs, reviewing insurance/LTC protection and healthcare cost concerns.

Wed., Jan. 10 10:30am Presenter: Kylee Zalewski, Edward Jones


*Foot Care 101 Your feet are probably the last thing you think about it, until they give you problems! Learn the basics of Foot Care from certified Foot Care Nurse. Find out how to deal with thick, hard to cut toenails, corns, calluses, cracked heels, and some diabetic related issues along with other common foot problems.

Fri., Jan. 12 11am Presenter: Betty Adsit, RN


*The Buddy Holly Story Don Larson is a rock and roll expert and a Buddy Holly historian. In his book entitled, To Me They Weren’t Stars, They Were Just My Friends. Don tells the stories about Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper and the Winter Dance Party. Discuss the last 11 days of their lives. You won’t want to miss his talk.

Mon., Jan. 15 1pm Presenter: Don Larson


*Shed Weight and Live Empowered Naturally Do you want to shed some weight after the holiday season? Come and learn the way you can empower yourself to maintain a healthier and happier you using natural solutions. We’ll also discuss ways to reduce your toxic load, reduce stress and let go of excess weight.

Wed., Jan. 17 2-3:30pm Presenter: Sandy Pocernich


*Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say Do you often feel frustrated and misunderstood when sharing your thoughts and feelings? Learn how to be more concise and direct without being offensive to others!

Thurs., Jan. 18 11am Presenter: Jean Jirovec


*Chippewa Valley Habitat for Humanity Learn how we help our local community by building new homes for those who qualify & perform exterior projects for disabled and elderly in need. Come see how our ReStore will enable us to perform more of these projects and help our community further.

Tues., Jan. 23 12:30pm Presenter: Nick Gross, ReStore Director


Opportunities offered for the month of  February:


*It Wasn’t My Intention to Offend You The message sent is not always the message that is received by others. Learn how to manage anger and conflicts before it leads to damage in relationships.

Thurs., Feb. 1 11am Presenter: Jean Jirovec


*Tax Free Investing: It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep! Overview of tax-advantaged investments such as muni bonds (muni/UIT/mutual funds), IRAs (traditional/Roth/401k/403b) and/or life insurance.

Tues., Feb. 6 11am Presenter: Kylee Zalewski, Edward Jones


*Normal Aging Everyone misplaces their keys, so is it truly a sign of memory loss or just getting older. Learn the difference and tricks to enhance your memory too!

Tues., Feb. 6 1pm Presenter: Katie Fennell, Azura Memory Care


*ABC’s & D’s of Medicare The ABC’s & D’s of Medicare provides a foundational understanding of the four elements of Medicare; Part A-Hospital, Part B-Medical, Part C Medicare Advantage and Part D-Prescription. Information will be provided on initial enrollment and additional enrollment periods pertaining to Part C options.

Wed., Feb. 7 11am Presenter: Jeff Sauter, Mediqwest


*Winter Fall Prevention Winter in Wisconsin means cold, ice and increased fall risk. We will give some easy ways to decrease risk for injury from falling and some ways to increase your activity in the cold winter months.

Wed., Feb. 7 1pm Presenter: Shannon Birkholz, DPT, Physical Therapist


*Women and Long Term Care Discuss the heightened risk factors women confront and the steps you could take to help protect your financial and physical well-being, as well as your loved ones.

Tues. Feb 13 1pm Presenter: Mike Hall, Hall Financial Group


*Revamping Your Medicine Cabinet with Natural Solutions Come and learn how you can replace your toxins in your current medicine cabinet with natural solutions. Go over what is and what should be for a healthier you. Replace what was in your medicine cabinet with what should be in your newly revamped cabinet. Our goal is staying healthier longer using natural solution for you & your family.

Wed., Feb. 21 2-3:30pm Presenter: Sandy Pocernich